Webmiss: Sarina
Location: Germany
Marina fan since: Spring 2009
Favourite song: Difficult… I love them all but I would say it’s ‘I Am Not A Robot’
Favorite cd artwork: The Family Jewels
Favorite lyrics: Lies
Favorite video: Oh No!
Favorite album: The Family Jewels
Favorite single: Shampain


Even though I discovered Marina and the Diamonds in the spring of 2009, it took me quite a while to get the ball rolling with this site. The idea of creating an online tribute was realized in 2011 – although, back then, it just served as a sub-section for my personal blog. The reason for this was simple... in a nutshell, I had the impression that there were already a variety of active Marina fansites out there and I didn't feel like butting in, but rather enjoyed what they had to offer. Unfortunately, those seemed to vanish after a while, either by not getting updated anymore or completely dying and going to tech heaven – hence the idea of a proper page came to thought. I eventually decided to give it a try and launched this place in early 2012. At first, it could only be reached under the URL marina-and-the-diamonds.com, but since that name seemed to be a tad too long (and way to similar to the official one), I decided to rename it to marina-news.net (or alternatively marinanews.netsmiley

As the name of the current URL suggests, I'm trying to focus on catering the Diamonds with the latest tidbits on what Marina's cooking up, and giving the community a “family vibe” by making it as interactive and accessible as possible. With that said, I'm very open to suggestions and input from other devotees. So if you have an idea or want to share something Marina related (be it an article, a photo, a video, a personal story or whatever) don't hesitate to drop me a line. After all, this site is for you and you can treat it as such. Besides, I love hearing from you guys.

Talking about Marina's fanbase, I want to thank everyone who has supported this site so far. I already had the pleasure to meet lots of wonderful Diamonds and even got a recognition from Marina herself, which makes this virtual journey even more fun and special.

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